Why Buy Blanc?

WHY BUY BLANC? Shop the collection ⤵️
I would like to introduce myself to you all properly. My name is Sean Pratt, I am the owner and more often than not the face, booty and the assets of the brand.
I have been an underwear model now for over 7 years and I have been forever squeezing myself into poorly cut, sloppy styled and far too tight for the sizing given; briefs, boxers and jockstraps from so many different companies.
I knew there were so many improvements and innovations us lads needed in the underwear game, and that's exactly what I set out to do.
So far during my time as the designer and model of Blanc I have been able to build brand new fits and hug and shape us men in a way underwear hasn't done before.
I have always listened to you, our loyal customers. Your ideas and desires have lead to us bringing underwear out in brand new fabrics with exciting and eye catching designs with never before seen mould breaking designs.
"Every man has the opportunity to feel CONFIDENT and SEXY" - this is the motto Blanc Menswear has stuck by since day one. We look to constantly push boundaries, bringing to you all regular brand new pieces to add to your ever growing Blanc collection.
Here at Blanc Menswear we want to offer you peace of mind that the underwear we stock is of the best quality it can be. Yes we know we have a lot of strong competition out on the market, but, which other underwear company do you know where the owner has designed, modelled in and wears the underwear (by choice!) on a daily basis?!
I want to personally thank you for visiting Blanc Menswear. Please don't forget that you have every right to feel CONFIDENT and SEXY so make sure you tag us on social media wearing your latest purchases.
Be kind. Share the Love. Body Positivity to All!